Why The Frog

On a trip to Taiwan, one of the ReedValley founders was given a small frog trinket that, to this day, is very dear to her. After discovering that the ReedValley farm is also home to Hyperolius Horstockii, commonly known as the Arum Lily Reed Frog, it was decided to add it to the branding design.

This little frog likes to hide out in the arum lilies and reeds that grow on the water’s edge. Its cream colouring blends well with the lily and a dusting of pollen usually improves the camouflage.

In many cultures frogs are seen to bring good luck. Our little resident frogs seem to follow us wherever we go; from our storage room, to our fridge in the bar, our fountain at the entrance and even inside the delivery van! If good luck is what they bring, we are surely ready to soar.