Top 5 Tips for the Best Braai Ever

Top 5 Tips for the Best Braai Ever

Top 5 Tips for the Best Braai Ever

There are many similarities between the South African and Portuguese cultures: both love spending time outdoors, both enjoy great wines, and both love spending an afternoon around the fire braaiing meat! But what is the secret to the perfect braai? Our ReedValley expert braai team shares their top tips for Braai Day:

Tip 1

Always braai meat at room temperature. This ensures a juicy and succulent outcome.

Tip 2

Struggling with wet wood from the petrol station? Sprinkle plain white sugar over your stack and light with Blitz. Sugar burns at a high temperature so you increase the internal temperature of the stack.

Tip 3

Limit smoke by placing a fireproof container filled with water next to the coals. As the liquid boils, the steam will help to contain the smoke.

Tip 4

To prevent your wors from bursting open (and drying out) while on the braai, simply dip the wors in water right before placing it on the grid. The water will make the skin more elastic and prevent it from bursting open.

Tip 5

Nothing beats a real wood fire; it’s also a handy way of getting rid of alien vegetation!