Tasting Venue

Situated in a structure that is more than 190 years old and that used to serve as a barn for livestock, our tasting room is not only a culmination of history but also of the finer things in life - like superb wine.

The original stone walls remain the same as it was originally built in 1826, while modern elements were brought in to add to the charm. Where once goats were kept is now the famous Barn Theatre which has played host to some of South Africa’s top talent and emerging bands. South Africans are known for their love of fine wine, and their culture is also synonymous with hunting, at the Hunter’s Lounge at ReedValley, we pay homage to early settlers of the area and this traditional activity.

South Africa

mossel bay

At ReedValley, we also celebrate the rich history of Mossel Bay and the Portuguese seafarers who regularly used São Bras as a stopping point on their travels to the East. In their caravels they brought spices from the East such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and turmeric, and they also introduced Africa to piri piri – the African Bird’s Eye chilli used to make peri-peri sauce that is commonly used in South African/Portuguese cuisine.

Portugal is famous for their delectable dishes and fine pastries, with the pastel de nata undoubtedly their most popular dessert. This pastry is essentially an egg custard tart in filo pastry that gets sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar straight out of the oven. Many of the country's typical pastries were created in the Middle Ages in monasteries by nuns and monks and sold as a means of supplementing their incomes.


Portuguese cuisine

ReedValley is proud to be the only establishment in the Mossel Bay area to sell authentic Portuguese cuisine and we have even created our very own pastel de vale (pastry of the valley). At our tasting venue you are also able to sample original Portuguese beer and gin on tap.

The tasting venue is the only physical location in South Africa where you are able to purchase our exclusive EdenValley wine range. However, if you run out of your favourite EdenValley wine and are unable to visit our venue, you can order from our online store and a courier partner, Aramex, will deliver it right to your door - free of charge.

mossel bay

the area

ReedValley was established on one of the oldest farms in the Mossel Bay district. Not too far away lies Cape Agulhas that was originally named, Cabo das Agulhas or Cape of Needles, by Portuguese sailors. This cape is the southernmost tip of the African continent and also the beginning of the dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

The Langeberg mountains in the distance serve as the perfect backdrop for enjoying a glass of superb wine with family and friends.