Monday, 3 May

Schalk Bezuidenhout - Feeling Good

Schalk Bezuidenhout Event (2)

Doors open 18h30 | Show Starts 20h00 | Tickets only available online (limited space available)

Your favourite Afrikaans comedian that speaks broken English is back! Stronger, funnier, and with a thicker snor. When we say ‘stronger’ we mean mentally. Physically he still has the body of a very tall grade 5. Schalk had, like all of us, a lot of free time during the lockdown. And what did he do with all this free time? He wrote a show. A very, very funny show (we haven’t personally seen it, but Schalk gave us his word). So come join Schalk for an hour and a half… ag, who are we kidding? You know that Schalk always ends up having too much fun and does 2 hours! Come join Schalk for an evening of comedy. This might be his funniest show yet.

Because, more than ever, he is Feeling Good.