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In Portugal, rissoles are known as rissóis (singular “rissol”) and are a very popular snack that can be found in many cafés, bars and restaurants. A rissole is a breaded pastry shaped as a half-moon, usually filled with fish or and then deep fried. At ReedValley you can choose between the traditional Shrimp rissóis, Jalapeno & Cheese or Chicken.


A Portuguese pub favourite, this classic sandwich combines crusty bread with wood grilled, thin steak and our special sauce.
Choose between spicy or mild.


Feijoada is a stew of beans with beef and pork of Portuguese origin. We make it extra special with chorizo sausage. Served with our delicious fresh ciabatta bread, it is sure winner!


This simple pastry has had various alterations in the Portuguese pastelarias (pastry shops) and padarias (bakeries). Freshly imported direct from mainland Portugal, this sweet baked egg tart pastry is done the traditional way and it is delicious as a quick snack or light dessert.


Translated as ‘green broth’ this traditional Portuguese soup, enjoyed with fresh ciabatta, can be enjoyed as lunch or a starter. The main ingredients are potatoes, kale, chorizo sausage and olive oil – but our secret ingredients are love and passion.


In Portugal’s fishing villages, eating sardines is a ritual. Whole fresh sardines, seared on the embers, have grown from a traditional Portuguese staple to worldwide-status food. But it’s the intense flavor that makes the lowly sardine the perfect grilling fish. Served with ciabatta, olive oil and rocket this is the perfect omega rich lunch. As we use only the freshest sardines, we do not always have availability. Please confirm when booking.


Not in the mood for a big meal, or opting for a romantic picnic under the trees instead?
Build your own platter by selecting from our wide range of deli products.