Our Story

Steeped in history, ReedValley was established on one of the oldest farms in the Mossel Bay district, not too far from Africa’s southernmost tip.
First owned by the Muller family, the homestead built in 1826 remains as a testimony of time, still holding its own as a destination where superior experiences are not the exception, but the rule. During the 1800s, the farm was known as an oasis to weary travellers going east and it often served as a gathering place for the early settlers. This bountifulness is still reflected today at ReedValley where hospitality and unparalleled experiences are a way of life.

Enfolded by the Indian Ocean on both the eastern and the southern side, the historical ReedValley almost directly aligns with the world-renowned Point of Human Origins at Pinnacle Point, which is only a stone's throw away. Mitochondrial DNA research has shown that all humans alive today descend from a small population that lived between 150 000 and 200 000 years ago and according to archaeologists, the Point of Human Origins has revealed the earliest evidence of modern human behaviour.

ReedValley celebrates the rich history of Mossel Bay, originally named Aguada de São Bras (watering-place of Saint Blaize) by the great explorer Bartolomeu Dias after he set foot in Africa on 3 February 1488. Dias, who left Lisbon in August 1487 with two caravels of 100 tonnes each as well as a bigger store ship, was determined to find a sea route to India via the southern tip of Africa. The town was later renamed to “Mossel Bay” by the Dutch but for years the Portuguese used São Bras to take on fresh water and meat.

Similar to the way that the Portuguese seafarers brought the best that the world had to offer to the most southern tip of Africa, ReedValley also sources only the best vine fruit from the most suitable terroirs, and it’s this fine product that we offer to you exclusively at our venue.

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