EdenValley Berry Nice Merlot Spritzer

Tinto de verano (which translates to “red wine in summer”) is a wine-based cocktail popular in Portugal and Spain. It’s easier to make than sangria and is usually made by mixing 1 part red wine with 1 part fizzy drink (soda water/Sprite). This drink is delicious and refreshing and a great solution if you are looking for a wine drink with a lower alcohol content.

This Merlot Berry Spritzer is very similar to the traditional tinto de verano with the exception of the wine to soda ratio (two parts wine to one part soda).


EdenValley Merlot

Soda water

3 strawberries (stems removed and cut in half)

5 blueberries

½ teaspoon honey (optional)

Juice of half a lime

Mint sprig


1) In a highball glass, add a few ice cubes and the berries. Add the lime juice and honey and stir well.

2) Add two parts wine to the glass and stir again. Fill up with soda water, add the mint, and you’re ready to start sipping!

If you prefer, you can adjust the ratio of wine to soda water to 3:1. If you don’t have any honey on hand, you can simply leave it out and use Sprite instead of soda water. For this recipe we made use of the EdenValley Merlot but it can easily be replaced with a Shiraz.